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Student TAP Coach - Matriculation

Matriculated status is one of the most important eligibility requirements for New York State student financial aid. To be considered matriculated for financial aid purposes, the Regulations of the Commissioner of Education specify that:

If you are accepted in one of the special programs for the educationally and economically disadvantaged, including EOP, HEOP, SEEK and College Discovery, you can be considered matriculated on that basis.

If you are admitted conditionally, you are not matriculated.

Academic practices at some colleges permit entering students to defer declaring a major until a later time in their college study. In such instances, students usually take courses in a variety of disciplines that are common to a number of degree programs. If you defer declaring a major, you can be considered matriculated in one or more of an institution’s approved programs; however, you must declare a major within 30 days of the end of your college’s drop/add period. If you are in a two-year associate degree program, you must declare in the first term of your sophomore year; if you are in a four-year bachelor’s degree program, you must declare in the first term of your junior year.

If you have completed all requirements for one degree and are taking additional courses, but you have not formally matriculated in another degree program, then you are not eligible for aid.