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Repaying Your NYHELPs Loan

First Payment Due

The first payment on your loan is based on the repayment option you selected when taking out the loan: The minimum monthly payment is $50.00, except for a borrower making lower interest only payments or lower payments pursuant to an approved modified payment plan. Payments are first applied to any outstanding fees, then to any interest, and then to principal.

Loan Statements

The NYHELPs servicer, Firstmark Services, will send you an account statement 21 days before your first payment due date, which will show your monthly payment and specific due date.

Contact Firstmark if you do not receive your account statement or if you have any questions about your repayment schedule at 1-888-538-7378 or customerservice@firstmarkservices.com

To change your billing address, visit Firstmark's web site.

Change The Date Your Payment Is Due

Reduce Your Interest Rate With Kwikpay Auto Debit

Changing Repayment Options To Pay Your Loan Faster

Current Repayment Option Options Available to Change to
Immediate Repayment None
Interest Only Immediate Repayment
Full Deferment Immediate Repayment or Interest Only

Prepay Your Loan

How To Make Your Loan Payments

It is important to make your payments on time to avoid late fees being charged to your account. There are several options for making payments: *Credit card payment is currently unavailable.

Important Note:

If a payment is made more than 15 days after it is due, a late charge of 5% of the past due payment or $25, whichever is less, may be assessed. In addition, there is a $15 charge per returned payment.