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Top TAP Questions and Answers

Applied for TAP? Not sure what school you are attending?

The TAP on the web application has space for only one school code. HESC uses the first New York State college listed on your FAFSA. When you decide on the school you will attend, make your updates on your TAP change form or go to HESC.com to make your changes under the section titled "Manage My Account."

My school estimated my TAP award, and my TAP award certificate shows I will be getting less. Why did it change?

The school gives you an estimate of your TAP award and the estimate is subject to change based upon verification of all of the data.

TAP verifies the New York taxable income with the New York State Tax Department, and if there are any differences in what is originally reported, your actual TAP award may change.

We began income verification with the NYS Department of Taxation and Finance for the 2012-13 academic year the first week of May 2012. In addition, we will continue to verify the 2011-12 academic year through the new application deadline for that academic year. This is the first time we have verified two years concurrently..

I have received an electronic award notification, and I need to make changes. Do I have to use the TAP Change Form? How long does it take to process?

Most changes, except for school code and address changes must be submitted on the TAP change form.

The TAP change form generally takes three to four weeks to process, but due to high increase in volume at this time of year, the processing time is currently five to six weeks.

Certain changes may be made by your school or by speaking with a HESC Customer Service representative.

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