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Frequently Asked Questions - Accelerated Study

Education law provides for an extra TAP payment in an award year, over and above the regular annual award, in certain circumstances. Statutory changes for academic year 2006-07 imposed new requirements for accelerated study that changed how a student qualifies for an accelerated award payment.

When will I be able to start accelerating my study and receive an accelerated TAP award?

If you attend a school whose summer term is not part of the regular academic calendar, the summer of 2007 was the first term that needed to be evaluated for an accelerated TAP award. These schools are usually public colleges (SUNY, CUNY) and most independent colleges and universities.

If you attend a school that has continuous enrollment, whose regular calendar allows you to attend three semesters or four trimesters in a calendar year, the first accelerated term that needed to be evaluated was the third semester of the 2006-07 academic year or 4th trimester of the 2006-07 award year.

I am taking non-credit, remedial courses. Can these courses be used as part of the 24 required credits needed in order to be eligible to receive accelerated TAP?

Yes, effective 4/1/07 the equivalent of three credits per semester (or two credits per trimester) may be remedial courses.

If you have successfully completed three equivalent credits of remedial work in each of the prior two semesters you will be eligible for an accelerated payment after having earned a total of 18 credits in the preceding two semesters or three trimesters. Statute allows substituting only three equivalent credits of remedial study per semester.

Example, if you have successfully completed six equivalent credits of remedial work in one semester and no remedial courses in the next semester, you will need to earn 21 credits in the prior two semesters to be eligible for an accelerated payment.

I have 24 credits but not all of the 24 credits can be used towards my degree. Am I still eligible for an accelerated TAP award?

No. You must earn a minimum of 24 credits that are applicable to your degree. Again, these credits must be earned in the prior two semesters to be eligible for accelerated TAP with the exception of six credits of remedial courses (see Q&A above for remedial course requirements.)

Do I have go to school full time in order to be eligible for accelerated TAP?

The 24 credits can be earned in any combination (i.e. 6 credits fall/18 credits spring); however, you must be full time (minimum of 12 credits) in the term prior to the accelerated term to be eligible for an accelerated TAP award.

I have just transferred to another school and they have accepted my 24 credits towards my program of study at their school, however, they have told me that I cannot use these credits to accelerate my study at their school. Is this true?

Yes, although the school has accepted the credits at their school, they are correct that they cannot be used to evaluate for an accelerated term as one of the requirements for accelerated TAP is that the earned credits must be received from the institution where you are accelerating your study.

If I receive an accelerated TAP award, will it be used against my remaining TAP points?

Yes, accelerated TAP uses TAP points and will be applied to your remaining TAP eligibility. Part time accelerated TAP uses three TAP points and full time uses six.

What other requirements need to be met in order to receive an accelerated TAP award?

Student eligibility requirements for accelerated TAP are the same as regular TAP. You must maintain Good Academic Standing by being in Pursuit of Program and maintaining Satisfactory Academic Progress.

I am required to take classes in the summer before I start my first semester of college. My school has referred to this as the Higher Education Opportunity Program (HEOP). Will I be eligible to receive a TAP award for this summer term?

No. Education law specifies that in order for a student to be eligible for a summer TAP award, they must meet "accelerated study" requirements.