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Frequently Asked Questions - Part-time TAP

New legislation enacted in 2006 created a Part-time TAP program effective for first-time state aid recipients in the 2007-08 academic year and thereafter.

To be eligible for Part-time TAP, you must:

Am I allowed additional TAP points if I attend school part-time?

No, you are not allowed additional TAP points for part-time study.

How many total TAP points am I allowed?

You are allowed:

When I was in high school I took Advanced Placement (AP) courses and received college credits. Can my school use these credits towards my eligibility for Part-time TAP?

No. Advanced Placement (AP) credits and/or college credits a student earned in high school are not accepted towards Part-time TAP.

I am a first time freshman, can I start school as a part-time student this year?

No, you need to have earned 12 credits or more in each of two consecutive semesters prior to being eligible as a part-time student. However, this prior study requirement only needs to be met once.

Can I receive both Part-time TAP and Aid for Part-time Study?

No, you cannot receive both Part-time TAP and Aid for Part-time Study as these are two different programs with different requirements and both programs use up TAP points. It is important to note that not all schools participate in the Aid for Part-time Study Program; however, Part-time TAP is available to all eligible students at SUNY, CUNY or not for profit institutions.

Will my TAP award be reduced if I attend school part-time?

Yes, if you are eligible to receive a Part-time TAP award the award amount you receive will be reduced by the number of credits you are taking and will be a percent of your Full-time TAP award.