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Student TAP Coach - Aid for Part-time Study

Aid for Part-Time Study (APTS) provides tuition assistance for part-time study. It is different from the Part-time TAP program with different requirements. One key difference is that there is no prior study (prior earned credits) requirement for APTS while there is for Part-time TAP.

APTS is “campus-based,” that is, each college that participates in the APTS program determines policy for administering the program, determines award amounts, and provides awards to students who demonstrate the greatest financial need. APTS is not an entitlement program, which means that not all potentially eligible students will necessarily receive an award.

The program provides an annual award of up to $2,000 ($1,000 per semester; $666.66 per quarter/trimester) for part-time study.

You must be matriculated in an approved undergraduate degree or credit-bearing diploma or certificate program and be in good academic standing. Your part-time course load must consist of at least 3 but fewer than 12 semester hours in a semester or at least 4 but fewer than 8 semester hours in a quarter or trimester. Your part-time course load can consist of both credit-bearing and non-credit remedial courses, providing that you carry at least 3 semester hours of credit-bearing work. If you enroll for the minimum 3-credit course load, you must enroll in a credit-bearing course. Students in non-degree registered private business schools are not eligible.

In each term you receive an APTS award, you must achieve a cumulative passing average in the award term.

APTS awards received count against your total award eligibility for undergraduate tuition assistance (4 academic years, unless enrolled in an approved 5-year program), whether you receive APTS or TAP or a combination during your undergraduate studies.

APTS recipients must also meet citizenship, residency, and income eligibility criteria.