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Student TAP Coach - Full-time Study

In order to receive TAP, you must be a full-time student. To be full time, you must register for a minimum of 12 credits in a semester (or 8 semester hours/12 quarter credits in a trimester/quarter) and the courses must satisfy requirements for the program in which you are matriculated.

In the early semesters of your academic career, nearly every course you take can be counted towards your degree. You will generally be taking courses in the liberal arts and sciences required for most programs and can usually take a number of elective courses as part of your program of study. However, as you near the end of your program, you may “run out” of electives.

The following example shows how the courses you take can affect whether you are eligible for TAP.

The requirements below outline a typical general business program leading to a two-year, associate in science degree:

Example: Credits Needed for Typical AS Degree in Business
AreaNumber of Credits
Total Needed to Graduate60
Liberal Arts and Sciences

Assume you have completed a total of 48 credits, made up of 21 credits in the liberal arts and sciences, 9 credits of electives, and 18 credits in business courses. Using the degree requirements above, for the minimum full-time course load of 12 credits, to be TAP eligible you must take 3 more credits in business and 9 credits in liberal arts and sciences courses. You can take no electives as part of the minimum 12 credit course load since you have already taken the 9 credits allowed for your program.

If you take an unneeded elective course as part of the 12 credits required to be full time, you are not eligible for a TAP award. You may, however, enroll in an elective course if you take more than 12 credits and carry a 15-credit course load.

Your minimum full-time course load can include up to the equivalent of six semester hours in non-credit, remedial study and the remainder in credit-bearing courses. In the first semester of college-level study, your full-time course load need only include three semester hour credits and up to nine hours of non-credit remedial study.