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Student TAP Coach - Grades Acceptable for Pursuit

Pursuit of program is one element of the good academic standing requirement and is a measure of your effort to complete a specified percentage of the minimum full-time or part-time course load in a semester in which you receive New York State student financial aid. Grades acceptable for meeting the pursuit requirement include passing and failing grades of A through F and any other grade that signifies that you completed all assignments and attended the entire term.

Incomplete (I) grades that school policy requires to be converted to a passing or failing letter grade no later than the end of the following term can also be used to satisfy pursuit. If your college does not require that you resolve an Incomplete grade and it can remain on your transcript, then the incomplete grade(s) cannot be used to satisfy pursuit.

Withdrawal grades such as “W”, “WF”, “WP” and any other grade that indicates you did not complete the term are not acceptable for pursuit purposes.

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