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Student TAP Coach - Minimum Course Load

The Regulations of the Commissioner of Education define full-time and part-time study for financial aid purposes.

To be a full-time student, you must enroll for at least 12 semester hours, applicable to your program of study, in a semester of not less than 15 weeks, including examination periods. The minimum course load for part-time study varies from 3 semester hours to 6 semester hours, depending on the financial aid requirements of the particular aid program.

If you want to take courses that are not required for your program and cannot be included as elective courses, such courses must be taken in addition to the minimum full-time 12 semester-hour course load to be eligible for full-time student financial aid. This is also important when determining whether you have maintained good academic standing, as only courses that apply to your program of study —as a general requirement, a major requirement, or an elective -- may be considered.