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Student TAP Coach - Program Pursuit

To remain eligible for New York State student financial assistance, you must remain in good academic standing. Two elements make up good academic standing: making satisfactory academic progress toward a degree and pursuing the program of study.

Program pursuit is defined in the Regulations of the Commissioner of Education as completing — getting a grade in -- a percentage of the minimum full-time course load in each term you receive an award. The percentage, as specified in regulations, begins at 50 percent of the minimum 12-credit full-time course load (six credits) in each semester of the first year you receive an award, to 75 percent (nine credits) in each semester of the second year you receive an award, to 100 percent (12 credits) in each semester of the third year you receive an award and thereafter.

Pursuit is an effort or completion requirement rather than an achievement requirement, so courses in which you receive either passing or failing grades can be used to satisfy the pursuit requirement. Thus, grades of A through F, any grade that counts as an F, and any other grade (e.g., P, S, U, R) that indicates you completed the course and all necessary assignments are acceptable to meet the pursuit requirement. Withdrawal (W) grades or any grade that indicates you did not complete the course or all assignments cannot be used to satisfy the pursuit requirement. Incomplete (I) grades can be used to meet the pursuit requirement providing college policy requires the grade to be resolved to a passing or failing grade no later than the end of the following term.

Grades earned in remedial courses as well as credit-bearing courses can be included in meeting the pursuit requirement.

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