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Student TAP Coach - Transfer Student

A transfer student is a student who is moving from one college to another college -- one that the student has not attended previously. A student who changes from one program to another, or from one school to another within the same college, is not a transfer student. A student who is returning to an institution previously attended is a readmitted student.

When a college admits you as a transfer student and accepts credits in transfer toward a degree, an admissions assessment and information about the number of New York State financial aid awards you may have received previously will determine your placement at the appropriate point on the college’s chart of satisfactory academic progress. As a transfer student, you can be placed on the chart based either on the number of credits you earned that are accepted in transfer or on the number of award payments you have already received—whichever is more to your benefit. The placement will determine the number of credits and the minimum grade point average you need to earn each term for continued eligibility.

Should you lose good academic standing for financial aid purposes, if you apply, are accepted by, and transfer to another college, you regain eligibility for the initial term upon entry. From that point on, you must meet the new college’s satisfactory academic progress requirements.

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